Short: Stabilia

Short film: Stabilia

Teaser: Stabilia (2016)
Stabilia is a short film which portrays the contradictions between the human body and a chamber constructed of steel and heavy concrete. The antagonism in mind and body unfold.

Made by in collaboration with Mariama Slåttøy 
Music by Terje Sylvarnes
Supported by Midtnorsk Filmsenter

Sankofa Film Festival, September 2016 (Minneapolis, United States)
Vin&Valsen, September 2016 (Oslo, Norway)
Videomovimiento Festival Internacional de Videodanza, September 2016 (Bogotá, Colombia)
40 NORTH Dance Film Festival, October 2016 (San Diego, United States)
Stockholm Dansfilmfestival, December 2016 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Brown Cinema Café, December 2016 (Minneapolis, United States)
Girls Don't Cry, January 2017 (St. Paul, United States)
JD Centre of Art's 11th Film Festival, February 2017 (Bhubaneswar, India)
Dance on Screen - Short Films at Roxey, February 2017 (New Jersey, United States) 
Frame + Form I Screen Dance Festival, February 2017 (Asheville, United States)
Purgatory Film Exhibition, March 2017 (Detroit, United States)
The Mediterranean Film Festival, March 2017 (Fontane Bianche, Italy)
SPE Media Festival, March 2017 (Orlando, United States)
Stora Daldansen, March 2017 (Falun, Sweden)
In/Motion Dance Film Festival, March 2017 (Chicago, United States)
Phoenix Film Festival, March 2017 (Melbourne, Australia)
Richmond Dance Festival, May 2017 (Richmond, United States)
300 Seconds Short Film Festival, July 2017 (Toronto, Canada)
Sunlight International Film Festival, July 2017 (Moscow, Russia)
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